Update Ultimate SMS Version 3.0 To Version 3.0.1

Changelog: 3.0.1

[New] - Integrated custom SMS unit from admin and a top-up option from the customer portal
[New] - Add New 27 SMS Gateways or Sending Servers
[New] - Add aamarPay and Flutterwave Payment Gateways
[Update] - Change the mini logo to a larger logo
[Update] - Change Customer Dashboard user interface
[Fixed] - Fixed Page expiration issue on registration 
[Fixed] - Fixed SignalWire credentials update issue
[Fixed] - Fixed Blacklist checking issue
[Fixed] - Fixed API authorization issue
[Fixed] - Fixed chat box incomming issue.

and many more...

Update V 3.0 To V 3.1:


  • Download the latest file from the Envato marketplace and extract it.
  • Log in with your Hosting server or Cpanel and go Ultimate SMS Installation Folder.
  • Then take the full backup of your files and database
  • Then find out the v3.0.1_update.zip file from Envato extract files.
  • Then upload the v3.0.1_update.zip file on your Ultimate SMS installation folder and replace with your existing file.
  • Finally, open your browser and insert your Application path on a URL like this: yourdomainname.com/update Ex. https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/update You have to must replace yourdomainname.com with your Application URL.
  • Tada!!! Now you are using the latest version.

Without /update, your will application will not update.  


If you face any problem with this  please give me a knock to my email akasham67@gmail.com or Join https://support.codeglen.com

Thank you!!