Update Ultimate SMS Version 2.7 To Version 2.8

It’s not version 3. Version 3 will release soon. There have some security issues. For this reason I have to provide immediate update.

Change log: 2.8

[Fix] - Client Reseller SMS unit update issue.
[Fix] - Some payment module issues
[Fix] - Support ticket issues
[Update] - Some minor change on chat box.

To update Ultimate SMS Version 2.7 To Version 2.8 just follow the version 2.5 update. Everything is same as version 2.3 to version 2.5 just update version folder name is different.

Update Ultimate SMS Version 2.7 To Version 2.8

Update V 2.7 To V 2.8:

  • Download update file from Envato marketplace and extract it.
  • Login with your Hosting server or Cpanel and go Application Installation Folder,
  • Then find out Version 2.8 Update File Folder from Envato extract files.
  • Then compress the folders and upload compress file on your Application Install folder and replace with your existing file.
  • Finally open your browser and insert your Application path on URL like this: yourdomainname.com/update Ex. https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/update You have to must replace yourdomainname.com to your Application URL.
  • Tada!!! Now you are using latest version.

Without /update your will application will not update.  


If you face any problem with this  please give me a knock to my email akasham67@gmail.com or Join https://support.codeglen.com

Thank you!!