Update Ultimate SMS Version 3.7.0 To Version 3.8.0

Changelog: 3.8.0

[New] - Assign Sending Server By Customer wise
[New] - Add Send SMS Using File    
[New] - Add Viber Module
[New] - Add OTP Module 
[New] - Add 17+ New Sending Servers
[Update] - Make Faster the Campaign Speed
[Update] - Change Campaign Status, Now it works with Queuing, Queued, Sending,Done, etc. 
[Update] - Allocate distinct API URLs for Verious modules
[Update] - Update Ultimate SMS API documentation

and many more...

Update Ultimate SMS Version 3.6.0 To Version 3.7.0

Update V 3.7.0 To V 3.8.0:

  • Download the latest file from the Envato marketplace and extract it.
  • Log in with your Hosting server or Cpanel and go to the Ultimate SMS Installation Folder.
  • Take the full backup of your files and database
  • Find out the 3.8.0_update.zip file from the Envato extract files.
  • Login with your Admin portal, navigate to Settings / Update Application Menu, and check for application updates.
  • Finally, upload the 3.8.0_update.zip file from Envato extract files.

Tada!!! Now you are using the latest version.


If you encounter any issues with the Ultimate SMS update, please refer to the following tutorial. Simply replace the 3.3.0_update_file.zip with the ‘3.8.0_update.zip’ file

Update Ultimate SMS Version 3.7.0 To Version 3.8.0


If you face any problem with this please create a ticket on our support forum https://codeglen.ticksy.com/

Thank you!!