Ultimate SMS - Bulk SMS Application For Marketing

Most current web servers with PHP & MySQL installed will be capable of running Ultimate SMS.

Minimum Requirements:



Installing Steps:

On Successful Installation, You will be redirected to Admin login page. Then Enter your purchase purchase code to verify your product. 

If you see blank page after installation, it might be your compiled folder permissoon is not writable. Please make permission 755 compiled folder. 

Manual Install:



Install Ultimate SMS on your cpanel then follow this video tutorial:


There have two types of portal on Ultimate SMS. One for Admin and another for Client. You have to add /admin to access admin portal and for client just insert your application url. 
My Ultimate SMS install on https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo 
Now If I want to access admin portal then I have to go: https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/admin
and If I want to access client portal then I have to go just install url: https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo
Then login with your admin portal and go SMS Gateways -> HTTP SMS Gateways or SMPP SMS Gateway menu to setup your gateway information. 
After adding your gateway information then go Settings -> System Settings and update your all settings. This is most important for your bussiness. 
To find Video tutorial for All Ultimate SMS feature please visit our youtube channel: 

Client Management:

Add New Client: To New Client Nevigate to Clients -> Add New Client

All Clients: To view All Clients Nevigate to Clients-> All Clients

Export N Imports Clients:  To export and Imports Clients using CSV Files just neviage to Clients -> Export And Imports Clients.

View Client : Click Manage button From All Clients Tables

Send SMS :  Send sms to user

Update Limit : Update user sms limit


Edit Profile :  Update User Information

Support Tickets : Get recent supports tickets for specific client

 Invoices :  Get recent invoices for specific client

SMS Transaction : FInd sms transaction histroy for specific client 



Clients Groups:

Add New Client Group: To add new client click nevigate Clients Groups

Add Group: Enter Group Name, select status, FInally click on Add Button. 

Exports Clients: Click on Exports Client to download specific client group as csv. 

Edit Group: Click edit button to edit client group


Invoice Management:

Add New Invoice : To add new invoice neviage to Invoices -> Add New Invoice

All Invoices : View All Invoices nevigate to Invoices -> All Invoices 

View Invoice :  Click on view Button to view Invoice

Send Email :  To Send Email with attach invoice to Customer.

Mark As: With this Group Button you may Mark Invoice as Paid, Unpaid, Partially Paid etc.

PDF: By clicking view PDF link, the invoice will be shown inside browser by embedding pdf. If you click download, the browser will be forced to download.

Print: By clicking this link an another window will be open with printer friendly version of this invoice.

Keyword Module:

To find Video tutorial keyword module please visit our youtube channel: 


This is the main compant of this application. 

Send Bulk SMS : To send SMS by client Group nevigate Bulk SMS -> Send Bulk SMS

Process:  Select Client Group, Select SMS Gateway, Select SMS Template if you want, Insert Sender ID, Describe your message and Finally click on Send Button

Sender ID: Sender ID means that you can choose who, or where you want the SMS message to come from. The SMS message will not come from a number, but from, for example, your company name, Your Name Etc.

But some sms gateway provider didn't provide Name as sender id like Twilio. You have to request for that. 


Send SMS From FIle : Send SMS using CSV or Excel file just Nevigate Bulk SMS ->  Send SMS From FIle


Cron Job Setup For Recurring Invoice And Schedule SMS:


  php -d register_argc_argv=On /home/username/public_html/application/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

For Cloud Or Selft Hosted Server:

 crontab -e

* * * * *  /usr/bin/php /home/username/public_html/application/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

If face any problem with this please give me an email to akasham67@gmail.com

To run cron job on your system please follow this video tutorial:



Two Way Communication :  If your sms gateway support two way communication featus then you can also receive sms fro your user. Setting your two way communication information please visit your SMS Gateway Provider Panel and follow there instrucation. If you face any problem with this then please send your Install URL and a demo account with some demo SMS to my email akasham67@gmail.com Then I will try to set your info.


Two Way Communication For Twilio: Login with your Twilio account click on All Product & Service icon.



For more details please follow the following instrucation: https://support.twilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223136047--Configure-your-number-s-SMS-URL-message-on-new-Twilio-numbers


Two Way Communication For Textlocal: Login with your account. Nevigate to Receive -> Create/View Inbox. Checked Forward incoming messages to a URL


Two Way Communication For SMSGlobal :  Login with your account. Nevigate To Api & Integrations -> Deleivery reports. 

For more details please follow the following instrucation: https://mxt.smsglobal.com/support/article/873


Two Way Communication For Bulk SMS: Login with your account. Nevigate to Account settings. Then Set your URL. 


Two Way Communication For Nexmo:   Follow the following instrucation to setup nexmo gateway: 



Two Way Communication For Plivo:  Follow the following instrucation to setup nexmo gateway: 


In Message URL input field, please insert http://yourdomianname.com/sms/reply-plivo Then follow the instrucation and finally click on create button. 


For more details about Two Way Communication or Receive message please visit our youtube channel:




Add SMS Gateway : To Add your own SMS Gateway just click on Add Gateway Button.

Gateway Name : Insert your Gateway name. It could be anything like pivalo, mangosms etc. 

Gateway API LINK :  Find the gateway api link from your service provider

  This is options is little more confusing. But if didn't find any solution please contact with through my email akasham67@gmail.com I will try figure out issues. 

Delete SMS Gateway : Only Custom Gateway can be delete. 


For video tutorial on Add Custom Gateway please check this video tutorial:




Add SMS Price Plan: To  Add SMS Price plan nevigate Bulk SMS -> Add SMS Price plan

List Of SMS Price Plans: View all SMS Price plan nevigate Bulk SMS -> SMS Price Plans


Add Plan Feature: Add features for specific Plan just click on Add Feature Button

Manage SMS Plan Featue: Click on view feature button to manage features. 


Coverage: You can set online and offiline to any country. And also set tarrif for each country. 

Manage Coverage N Tariff :  Click on manage button to update your coverage and Tariff plan


Sender ID: To show all sender id just nevigate Bulk SMS -> Sender ID


Add Sender ID: You can select All Clients or One or more than one for specific sender ID.


SMS Templates: To view All SMS Templates, Navigate Bulk SMS -> SMS Templates


Create SMS Template: You can create your own SMS Template which will reduce your time for any promosotinal sms.


SMS API Information:  Send high volume of messages with a single API request. It queue all SMS messages and deliver to your client.


SMS Gateway: You must select a sms gateway. All API request message will be send through this selected API. You can change this any time. 

SMS API URL: API URL must be Like this: http://yourapplicationinstallurl/ultimate-sms/api example: https://example.com/ultimate-sms/api 

Note: API URL must be end with /ultimate-sms/api otherwise its not working. 

SMS API KEY: You can generate your own api key. 

For more details about Ultimate SMS API please visit the followin github repo:



Chat Application:

Chat SMS system works with Receive message. If your sms gateway support receive message feature then you will find receive message on Chat SMS module. 

Support Tickets Management:


Support Department: To Add or View all support department, Navigate to Support Tickets -> Support Department


Create New Ticket: To Create new ticket, Navigate Support Tickets -> Create New Ticket

Finally click on Create Ticket button.  


Manage Support Tickets: To View or Manage support tickets system just click view button. 


Support Ticket Discussion: Admin can communicate with his/her client using ticket receive and answer system. 


Tickets FIles: Admin or Client can upload any files for specific ticket. 



Administrator Management:


Administrator Roles: To create or view Administrator roles, Navigate Administrator -> Administrator Roles

Edit Administrator Rule: Just click on Edit button to edit Administrator roles. 


Set Administrator Rules: You can create unlimited administrator rules and also set the specific permission for specific roles. 


Add New Administrator: To create or view Administrator, Navigate Administrators -> Administrators


System Settings: Now its time to customize application settings. 


System Settings: Here you will find most common settings. To navigate System Settings go Settings -> System Settings.


For reCaptcha setting please follow the instrucation: https://ultimatesms.coderpixel.com/setting-up-google-recaptcha-with-our-ultimate-sms/


Localization: From here you can adapt Ultimate SMS to your language, date format, timezone, currency, currency display format etc.


Timezone: Set timezone based on area you live.

Default Country: Set the default country. Based on this settings the country will be selected by default when you add new Client.

Default Language: Change Application Language from here.

Currency Code: Set Currency code or Symbol based on your local currency or currency you would like to use this software.


Language Settings: Its a another important module of Ultimate SMS. You can translate your application to any language what you want. English is the primary language. You can translate this German, Spain, Bangla etc or any language what you want. 

To add new language go Settings -> Language


Translate your language English to Any: You can translate your system language English to any. Just click on Translate button. 


Translate Language System:


Login is a english language but if you want to convert your system to german language just remove the input value login and insert your german language value Anmeldung. Means Login = Anmeldung

Manage Payment Gateways: To manage payment gateways Navigate to Settings -> Payment Gateways. 

Here you will find list of payment gateways. 


Available Payment Gateways:

Edit Profile: 


Edit Profile: If you want to edit your profile just click Edit Profile option from Account Dropdown. 


Change password: To Change your Password, Click change password option from account dropdown.  

Registrar New User: if you allow client registration option from Admin setting then a registration link will be appear under login from. 


Registar User:


SMS Balance:


All Invoices: To view all invoices go Invoices -> all invoices. 


View Invoice: 


All Sender ID: You can see your Approbed or Block sender ID from Bulk SMS -> Sender ID


Request For New Sender ID: You can send request for new Sender ID. 


SMS Price Plan:  To view all SMS Price Plan navigate Bulk SMS -> SMS Price Plan. 


Purchase SMS Price Plan: You can purchase sms price plan using provided payment gateways liek paypal, stripe etc. 


SMS API Info: To send sms using API just click navigate Bulk SMS -> SMS API and get all details.



Create New Ticket: To create new ticket Go Support Tickets -> Create New Ticket


As we said at the beginning, we are glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this application. Let us know, we do our best to assist.

Blank pages can be caused by errors or if your server doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Ultimate SMS. To see exactly what the issue is, you need to ensure display_errors are set to On in your servers php.ini file and the error_reporting level set to E_All. Add the following lines to your Ultimate app.php file (located on application/config) and revisit the page:


An error message occurring will be shown if it’s a PHP error. Once finished testing, remove the line again from the Ultimate SMS app.php file.

Here is the common reason for this error:

Let’s say you have uploaded your website by login using root in your server but the folder owner must be www-data, so PHP will not be able to write file in root-folder/assets and application/storages folder.
Here is the example command to change folder owner: sudo -R chown www-data:www-data /var/www/advanced-hrm/


wkhtmltopdf Problem When Generate PDF:

If you used VPS or Cloud Hosting then just install wkhtmltopdf-amd64 on your system and copy the location link on application snappy configuration. Visit application root folder then go application->config folder. Then you will find a file called snappy.php. Open it.

'pdf' => array(
    'enabled' => true,
    'binary'  => '/usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf',
    'timeout' => false,
    'options' => array(),
    'env'     => array(),

Replace your wkhtmltopdf-amd64 location with /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf Then It will be OK. 

But If you used Shared Hosting then 
Downloaded the relevant static binary v0.10.0 from here:


OR via ssh on my shared host typed the following:

$ wget {relavant url to binary from link above}
$ tar -xvf {filename of above wget'd file}

you'll then have the binary on your host and will be able to run it regardless of if its in the /usr/bin/ folder or not. Then copy the store location of wkhtmltopdf and Replace your wkhtmltopdf-amd64 location with /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf Then It will be OK. 

If you not successful then you may contact with us through our support email akasham67@gmail.com

For more details you can follow these instructions:



if you face any problem with left menu when you scroll; then follow the following instruction:

1) Go to  assests/js folder and Open script.js file. Then Go line number 14 Then you will find this code block:

$('#left-nav .nav-bottom-sec').slimScroll({
   height: '100%',
   size: '4px',
   color: '#999'


Then remove this code block and replace with this code block:

$('#left-nav .nav-bottom-sec').slimScroll({
   height: '100%',
   size: '4px',
   color: '#999'

Then Go to the application/resource/views folder open two files named admin.blade.php and client.blade.php  Then find the following code block:

<main id="wrapper" class="wrapper">

    <div class="top-bar">

Replace with the following code block:

<main id="wrapper" class="wrapper">

    <div class="top-bar clearfix">

After done everything perfectly Hope you can your problem. 

Thank you for Staying with me. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to write me an email or contact me via our Codecanyon user page.