Ultimate SMS API is build for Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing


To run Ultimate SMS API you have to install Ultimate SMS Application on your server.

php >=5.6
Ultimate SMS - Bulk SMS Application For Markting


Via Composer

composer require shamim/ultimate-sms-api 

And Via Bash

git clone https://github.com/akasham67/ultimate-sms-api.git


Step 1:

If install Ultimate SMS API using Git Clone then load your Ultimate SMS API Class file and Use namespace.

require_once 'src/Class_Ultimate_SMS_API.php';
use UltimateSMS\UltimateSMSAPI;

If install Ultimate SMS API using Composer then Require/Include autoload.php file in the index.php of your project or whatever file you need to use Ultimate SMS API classes:.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use UltimateSMS\UltimateSMSAPI;

Step 2:

set your API_KEY from https://mywebhost.com/sms-api/info (your application install url)

$api_key = 'YWRtaW46YWRtaW4ucGFzc3dvcmQ=';

Step 3:

Change the from number below. It can be a valid phone number or a String

$from = '8801721000000';

Step 4:

the number we are sending to – Any phone number

$destination = '8801810000000';

You have to must include Country code at beginning of the phone number.

Step 5:

Replace your Install URL like https://mywebhost.com/sms/api with https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/sms/api is mandatory on your install url

$url = 'https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/sms/api';

// SMS Body

$sms = 'test message from Ultimate SMS';

// Create SMS Body for request

$sms_body = array(
    'api_key' => $api_key,
    'to' => $destination,
    'from' => $from,
    'sms' => $sms,

Step 6:

Instantiate a new Ultimate SMS API request

$client = new UltimateSMSAPI();

Send SMS

Finally send your sms through Ultimate SMS API

$response = $client->send_sms($sms_body, $url);

Get Inbox

Get your all message


Get Balance

Get your account balance



Ultimate SMS API return response with json format, like:

{"code":"ok","message":"Successfully Send"}

Status Code

Status Message
ok Successfully Send
100 Bad gateway requested
101 Wrong action
102 Authentication failed
103 Invalid phone number
104 Phone coverage not active
105 Insufficient balance