Update Ultimate SMS Version 2.0 To Version 2.2

Change log:

[new] - Full Unicode Feature Added 
[new] - SMPP Feature Added
[new] - Add New 23 SMS Gateways
[new] - Remove Duplicate Feature Added 
[new] - Update Purchase key From Admin Portal Added
[new] - Bulk Delete On Contact and SMS History
[new] - Export SMS History with CSV, PDF & Print
[Update] - Update Auto-Installer
[Update] - Full update Send Bulk SMS Using File
[Update] - Update Application menu
[Update] - Update Application API Information
[Update] - Update full SMS History system
[Update] - Reduce application data loading time
[Fix] - Some security Issues
And Many more...

Update V 2.0 To V 2.2:

  • Download update file from Envato marketplace and extract it.
  • Visit you Application install folder, then Go application folder
  • Find out .env file and copy this in safe place
  • Now Copy the all files application files  folder From your downloaded File.
  • Then remove your existing application folder and replace your all files with your existing files. Don’t remove file assets folder. Just replace your new assets folder with existing one.
  • Now upload the .env file which you already store in safe place to application folder and replace it.
  • Finally open your browser and insert your Application path on URL like this: yourdomainname.com/update Ex. https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/update You have to must replace yourdomainname.com to your Application URL.
  • Tada!!! Now you are using latest version.

Without /update your will application will not update.  


If you face any problem with this  please give me a knock to my email akasham67@gmail.com or Join https://support.codeglen.com

Thank you!!