Update Ultimate SMS Version 2.2 To Version 2.3

Change log:

[new] - Add multiple gateway credential information for single gateway
[new] - Add Routing Features. Set sms price and gateway per operator
[new] - Assign Multiple gateway to single user
[new] - Add new 17 SMS Gateways
[new] - Add new 2 Payment Gateways (Webxpay and Coinpayments for Crypto Currency)
[new] - Different language for different users
[new] - Fully Fraud message detection system integrated
[new] - Fully Two way features with reply sms from sms history
[new] - Dynamic Schedule time using Excel or CSV column (Ex. Birthday, Meeting Date, Event Date etc)
[new] - Full Recurring SMS module included
[new] - Include Country code feature in import contact and send sms
[new] - Subscribe, Unsubscribe feature added
[new] - Add MMS and Voice feature
[new] - One click update application feature.
[Update] - Update Currency setting with advanced feature
[Update] - Update language setting
[Fix] - Mobile responsive issues (Full application now perfectly responsive)
[Fix] - Translation issues

Update V 2.2 To V 2.3:

  • Download update file from Envato marketplace and extract it.
  • Login with your Hosting server or Cpanel and go Application Installation Folder,
  • Then find out Version 2.3 Update File Folder from Envato extract files.
  • Then upload Version 2.3 Update File.zip file on your Application Install folder and replace with your existing file.
  • Finally open your browser and insert your Application path on URL like this: yourdomainname.com/update Ex. https://ultimatesms.codeglen.com/demo/update You have to must replace yourdomainname.com to your Application URL.
  • Tada!!! Now you are using latest version.

Without /update your will application will not update.  


If you face any problem with this  please give me a knock to my email akasham67@gmail.com or Join https://support.codeglen.com

Thank you!!