Plan is one of the main feature of ultimate sms. A plan, or service plan, is the group of services and limits that you have agreed to provide to your customer. A plan allows you to centrally plan and standardize your service offerings.

Create service plans which shall be available for your users to subscribe to. Service plans represent the service quota, it defines the allocation of the application resources like sending credits, lists or all others limits.

A Plan Contains Following Features:

  1. Plan information.
  2. Plan Features
  3. Speed Limit
  4. Cutting System
  5. Sending Servers
  6. Pricing

Create Plan

  1. Login with your admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Plan -> Plans -> Add New option.
  3. Finally, insert your Plan name, Price, Billing Cycle, and all other required Information.

1. Plan Information

You will find the basic information on General Tab. You can update the plan price, Name, description, billing cycle, etc using this option

2. Plan Features

On plan features option, you can set your plan Sending Credits, Contacts list limitation & all others related settings.

3. Speed Limit

Ultimate SMS supports forking multiple processes for sending multiple times faster in terms of sms throughput. However, it will consume multiple times more CPU and memory as a trade-off.

Sending Speed allows you to set a limit on sms sending speed. For example, to limit sending speed to 500 sms every 5 minutes , you can set Sending limit = 500, Time value = 5, and Time unit = minute accordingly.

4. Cutting System

The cutting system allows you to set a limit on sms cutting. For example, to set number of cutting sms to 5 percent sms randomly , you can set Cutting Value= 5, Cutting Unit = Percentage, and Cutting Login = Cutting Random Number accordingly. Example If you want to send 100 sms and set cutting value 5 percent then 95 sms will send, rest 5 sms set delivered as status without sending. You can also set specific amount of cutting sms using Digit instead Percentage from Cutting Unit dropdown. Set 0 for no cutting.

4. Sending Servers

Without assigning Sending Servers, you can't active your plan. You have to assign your sending servers that will be used for this plan. In other words, sms sent out by users who subscribe to this plan will be delivered by these servers.

5. Pricing

Without assigning Pricing or Coverage, you can't active your plan also. You can set the price of your custom unit. Since anyone wants to add more units to their purchase plan, you need to set the price for each unit. If you set the price at 0.3 USD per unit, it will cost 60 USD for 200 SMS units. You can set different prices for different plans.

You also need to add your coverage or countries. Your customers can only send SMS to countries that you add to your plan. So if you add 10 countries to your plan then your customer sends SMS only to those 10 countries.

You can use only numeric number not decimal number on pricing setting. Example: Accepted: 1, 2, 3 Not Accepted: 0.025, 1.025, 1.00, 1.5 You can set different price for different sms types. e.g. Receiving 1 plain or normal text and replying to 1 plain or normal text will deduct 2 SMS messages from customer sms credit balance 1 credit for receive sms and 1 credit for send sms. Also Receiving 1 voice text and replying to 1 voice text will deduct 3 SMS messages from customer sms credit balance 1 credit for receive sms and 2 credit for send sms. You can also set MMS and WhatsApp sms price accordingly.