Folder Structure

Once you download the application from Codecanyon, unzip the package and you will find the below folder structure in Fresh_Installation_File/.

  • app
    • Console/ (Background Task Files)
      • Commands
      • Kernel.php
    • Events
    • Exceptions
    • Helpers
    • Http
      • Controllers
        • Admin
        • API
        • Auth
        • Customer
        • User
      • Middleware
      • Requests
      • Kernel.php
    • Jobs
    • Library
    • Models
    • Notifications
    • Policies
    • Repositories/ (All Logical Files)
      • Contracts
      • Eloquent
    • Rules
    • Scopes
    • Utils
  • bootstrap
  • Config
    • custom.php (App Configuration File)
  • database
    • factories
    • migrations
    • seeders
  • hooks
  • packages
  • public/ (public content generated after compilation done.)
    • css
    • css-rtl
    • data
    • fonts
    • images
    • installer
    • js
    • vendors
    • mix-manifest.json
  • resources
    • assets
    • data
    • fonts
    • images
    • js/ (Include JS File)
    • lang/ (Include Language File)
    • scss/ (Include SCSS File)
    • vendors/ (Include all vendor css and js files)
    • views
      • admin/ (Admin portal files)
      • auth
      • customer/ (Customer portal files)
      • errors
      • installer/ (Installer files)
      • layouts
      • panels
      • plugins
  • routes
    • admin.php (For Admin Portal)
    • api.php (For API)
    • customer.php (For Customer Portal)
    • public.php (No middleware will not affect these routes )
  • storage
  • tests/ (For testing)
  • vendors
  • .env (Include Full App Configuration, ex. database, settings, etc)
  • .env.example (Include Database credentials, it will be .env after update it.)
  • artisan (Include artisans commands)
  • composer.json (Dependencies used by composer)
  • package.json (Dependencies used by node)
  • phpunit.xml (Related With testing)
  • server.php (For php's internal web server)
  • webpack.mix.js (Laravel's webpack file)
Following is the details for laravel folder structure.
Folder/Files Details
app/ This folder contains all the controller inside controllers folder and model files.
app/Repositories This folder contains all the logical files. All controllers files called these files to perform actions.
app/Helper/Helpers.php This file contains Menu or Sidebar information and many more.
bootstrap/ This folder contains cache and app.php.
config/ This folder contains the config files. You can find custom.php file for application customization.
database/ This folder contains database Migrations, model factories, & seeds.
public/ This folder contains index.php, main.php ,static folder & Build of the application.
resources/ This folder contains views, layouts, store and js, sass, json files.
resources/lang This folder contains language files. You can translate ultimate sms to any language using these files.
routes/ It contains the web.php, admin.php, api.php, etc file where pages can be served on the browser.
storage/ This folder contains compile blade templates.
views/layouts It contains the all master layout files.
views/panels It contains all panel files like header / footer / sidebar / navbar etc.
views/content It contains the content page files. To create new page