A virtual SMS phone number enables you to send and receive SMS text messages online over the internet without having to use a physical phone.

Like a real phone number, your online virtual phone number is unique to you. You can use it reach out to, respond and converse with customers no matter where you are in the world. With a platform like Twilio, MessageBird, Plivo, etc, you can start texting from a virtual number in just a few steps.

1. Add Phone Number From Admin:

  1. Purchase a phone number from your SMS Gateway or Sending Server Provider.
  2. Login with your admin portal.
  3. Navigate to Sending -> Numbers -> Create. option.
  4. Set Price value 0 for free of cost
  5. Finally, Select your Customers & Currency and click on Save button.

2. Purchase number From Customer:

  1. Login with your admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Sending -> Numbers -> Create. option.
  3. Insert the Price , Billing Cycle & Currency.
  4. Set Status Available.
  5. Login with your Customer Portal and Navigate to Sending -> Numbers -> Buy.. option
  6. Finally, insert your billing information & select your payment gateway.