A keyword makes it easy for subscribers to opt in to receive important messages and offers . There are no forms to fill out, apps to download, or URLs to remember. All they need to do is text your keyword to your number, and they’re in. When you create an SMS keyword with Ultimate SMS, you’ll also get the opportunity to write an autoresponder with it.

Setting Up With Ultimate SMS Keywords

1. Add Keyword From Admin:

  1. Login with your admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Sending -> Keywords -> Create. option.
  3. Set Price value 0 for free of cost
  4. Insert your Auto Responder messages.
  5. Finally, Select your Customers & Currency and click on Save button.

2. Purchase/Create Keyword From Customer:

  1. Login with your admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Customer -> Customers -> Edit -> Permissions. option.
  3. Set Create Keyword Permission if you want your customer can create his/her own keyword.
  4. Otherwise, create keyword navigating by Sending -> Keywords -> Create. option
  5. Set Status Available.
  6. Login with your Customer Portal and Navigate to Sending -> Keywords -> Buy.. option
  7. Finally, insert your billing information & select your payment gateway.