SMS templates provide pre-set text that can be used to quickly send common text messages without typing the message itself. For example, if you are running late or in a meeting, this feature lets you send those replies simply by choosing them from a dropdown, instead of typing out the whole phrase.

It is a saved draft for sending similar content to multiple users. If you send SMS with a predefined format, you can create an SMS template so that you don’t need to type the same text again and again. Templates define the structure and content of a message where some of it is predetermined while some content can be added while sending the message.

To Create SMS Template:

  1. Login with your customer portal.
  2. Navigate to Sending -> SMS Template -> Create. option.
  3. Insert your Template Name and Message
  4. You can also use your Template Tags on your template. Then ultimate sms will render these tags with contacts value
  5. Finally, click on Save button.