Ultimate SMS provides certain template variables or tags that you can use to personalize message content. The most commonly used variables are personalization variables, which allow you to dynamically include information about your recipients. For example, their name, email address, or custom properties you\'ve stored about the person. Like, Hi {first_name} {last_name}, your email is {email} to Hi Jhon Doe, your email is jhone.doe@gmail.com. Your customers will see these values when they will store contacts on their contact groups. Here, Name field is for tag name like first_name. Second, Type field is for attribute specifies the type of input element to display. Finally, Required field is for the Tag field is mandatory or not. first_namelast_nameemailusernamecompanyaddressbirth_dateanniversary_date tags already available. You don't need to insert these tags.

If you need Extra fields (eg. city, state, country, birthday, event date, etc), you can easily create them with Template Tags

  1. Login with your admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Sending -> Template Tags -> Create. option.
  3. Set your Tag Name, Type, & Required option
  4. Finally, click on Save button.